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Trish Straub is a Certified Personal Trainer/TRX Specialist.  Workouts are customized to each individual’s fitness ability and designed to increase stamina, build strength, and improve overall health.































Just about a year ago I made the decision to focus on getting myself back into shape.
Like most people, ……we all have good intentions, we succumb to workout DVDs advertised on TV and buy equipment of some sort, now probably at home collecting dust or holding our dry cleaning.
In my experience, I was most successful in reaching my fitness goals by working with a personal trainer.  After a lot of wasted money and false starts, I finally realized that I needed that extra push to do “five more” and the commitment that goes along with it!
Choosing a personal trainer and choosing a gym is never an easy decision.   I’ve joined many gyms and interviewed many trainers, not always comfortable with my choices ……but from the moment I met with Trish (and toured Straub’s) we clicked; I was so excited, Trish was incredibly positive, motivating, knowledgeable and very encouraging.
I immediately sensed a genuinely beautiful and caring person and I knew Trish would drive me to achieve my ultimate fitness goals. 
Trish’s vast expertise and creativity makes our workouts, although challenging, always Fun! 
From our first session, Trish immediately assessed my level of fitness, discussed my goals and tailored my workouts to be challenging yet not beyond my capabilities.  For the most part, we train together in the privacy of the “classroom” which makes things much more comfortable, particularly in the beginning when you may not be feeling terribly confident. 
Trish is very innovative with her workouts; keeping them interesting by introducing new equipment and exercises, while continually pushing me to the next plateau. 
From balancing on the bosu to the TRX straps, Trish works all body parts, focusing on building core strength which in effect is establishing a solid foundation of fitness and might. 
Within the first few weeks I saw signs of my body changing; I was loosing inches, building muscle and my vigor was quickly returning, signs of my old self emerging!!!  
It wasn’t long before I couldn’t wait to get to the gym to work with Trish. Seeing and feeling the results is so rewarding and sensing Trish’s heartfelt encouragement is all the more inspiring. 
Now, a year later, I can say with the utmost assurance, “Training with Trish” at Straub’s Fitness was truly the best commitment I could have made! 
As an added and invaluable bonus I’ve developed a friendship that I treasure! 
Make a commitment to better health- Train with Trish today!!
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New York, N.Y. 10018
(212) 840-8665    
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Testimonials … “Training with Trish is a fun and challenging way to meet your health and fitness goals” – James

“I’ve never had so much fun getting my ass kicked” – Julius


deb step trish 3

deb steph trish

Debbie, Trish, & Stephanie

“I have been a runner my whole life and always felt I was in pretty good shape.  As I have gotten older I decided it would be beneficial to get into better overall shape rather than just run.  I signed up to do 10 “buddy sessions” with Trish for myself and my daughter.  We finished our first 10 and stayed for another 30 and I have never felt in better shape in my whole life.  The workouts are personalized, difficult, incredibly effective and different all the time.  After taking the summer off I am back for another 30 sessions for the winter.  If you are looking to be challenged, want to push yourself, and have not been able to find the right situation, Trish is the trainer for you to try.” – Debbie




I’ve been working with Trish for 5 weeks and during this time I have seen tremendous improvement in my balance, strength, weight and energy. Trish makes every session creative and challenging. Watching Trish workout by my side motivates me to push past limits I would by no means achieve on my own. I look forward to attaining my physical goals with Trish pushing and keeping me focused.

Thank you Trish, you are amazing!! – Liz



As Trish would say “feel the burn” She will make sure you get there and she will make sure you see the results.-Daniela


Dana & TrishDana & Trish

“I have been active throughout my life, but I wanted to learn new exercises to better tone my body. Trish and I reviewed my goals and each session is personalized and specific to reach those results. Over the last 5 weeks, Trish has pushed me to try new workouts that I never would have done on my own. Between her weekly encouraging emails and the new exercises I have learned, I have noticed an improvement in my balance, flexibility and muscle tone.” – Dana
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“I have been active my whole life and recently fell into a terrible slump at forty-something that I could not shake. I tried every possible way to tone back up and lose a few pounds including cross fit, spin, personal training, running and walking. Then I met Trish Straub while doing a TRX class at her gym. The knowledge and enthusiasm she brings to fitness is so refreshing and it is very clear that she takes what she does very seriously…but not in an intimidating way. I have gone from dreading my workouts and my closet to a renewed excitement about exercising and getting dressed. The exercises I am doing with her are literally re-sculpting my body! Thank you Trish!!” – Tawnya
Training with Trish these last 5 weeks has been both a challenge and rewarding. She provides training in a private setting where she designs sessions to meet your specific needs and concentrates on strength, balance, proper form and focuses on overall health. Her witty humor and encouragement makes sessions fly by. Thanks to Trish I know am on the road to health and wellness. In fact, the sessions were so awesome, I’m looking to return for another 5 weeks. Trish… thank you for pushing me and allowing me to realize I can do more than I ever thought I could. YOU ROCK! – Dana