• All members must check in at the front desk before using the facility
  • Weights must be re-racked after each use
  •  No profanity and/or abusive language
  • Straub’s Fitness is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items
  • Lockers can be rented for $49 per year or used on a daily basis, but lock must be removed!


  • Guests must be in the accompaniment of member
  • Guests must fill out necessary paperwork on first visit
  • Guests must check in at the front desk upon each visit
  • Guests are limited to 12 visits


  • No age restrictions
  • 90-minute limit
  • Children must be that of member or guest
  • No food or drink allowed (except water)

Group Class

  • Classes/Instructors are subject to change at the discretion of Straub’s Fitness
  • Classes are subject to cancellation unless minimum attendance is met
  • Class times are subject to change
  • Cycle/Powercut space is limited.  If you sign-up and do not show up, a $3 charge will be incurred


  • Enrollment fee is non-refundable
  • Automatic billing occurs on 20th of month
  • Payment at the club requires a $9 service charge regardless of payment type (cash, check, credit)
  • If dues declines 2 months in a row, a $20 administrative fee will be incurred and member will be required to provide alternative billing or pay at club with a $9 service charge