TRX  Suspension Training at Straub’s Fitness

TRX Suspension Training takes fitness to the next level.  Every exercise engages your core while challenging your balance.  Trish and Joe Straub, certified TRX Specialists, lead this small group (8) Personal Training Program for six weeks and only $69.  Program requires a minimum of 4 participants.

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TRX Testimonials:


   My name is Chris Kelly and I am 52 years old, married with one son 12 months old. I started playing tennis again about 5 years ago when the economy went bad and it was all I could afford to do anymore. I am used to being very active, riding bike, hiking, racing sailboats, snowboarding, tennis, ect. Well after playing tennis for a few years I can see I was having a hard time getting to the next level. A friend of mine suggested taking a spin class, so I said why not. I saw some improvement in my movement but it was just not enough I needed some strength to my body as well. I then add boot camp to my work-outs and I could see a difference starting to take place. Then I heard of TRX, that has truly put me where I wanted to be, but I will tell you it was a tough start, but the key is not to be discouraged and keep coming back. Now after about 6 months of this traing I have gained the strength I needed, balance, posture. It takes a little time but the results are tremendous, like anything else you get out of it what you put into it. Challenge yourself with the help of Trish and yes you too Joe, you too can achieve a healthy fit feeling. Oh yes and that tennis elbow and the occasional pain in my knee, that I really don’t feel anymore which is attributed to building up around the effected areas, that I feel has been accomplished by doing TRX. One last thing I would like to add is if you add the correct supplements (Isontonix) you will really feel a difference in your daily life. Just when I thought I was finished writing this there is always more, stating earlier in this writing I have a 1yr old son, well now I have no problem getting down on the floor to play with him, or getting up. I hope I can continue this for sometime so I can always play with my son as he grows.

                                                   Happy Training,

                                                                              Chris Kelly


Ps if you like to know about the isotonix contact me 914-260-8047.